Achieving a Secure Attachment Through Mindfulness

A 1 hour online attachment workshop for adults, hosted by clinical psychology registrar, Martina Vignando.


1 hour online event for adults wanting to improve the health of their relationships (parental, intimate, social, collegiate etc.). This course will teach you to achieve a secure attachment using mindfulness.

We are all wired to connect emotionally to one another, from the cradle to the grave. Having strong, secure relationships is an essential part of anyone’s existence, as it ensures our survival as infants, and it continues to promote physical and emotional health as adults. The ‘theory of attachment’ suggests that the quality of our adult relationships are determined by our early experiences with those who took care of us as infants. Unfortunately, however, a lot of people’s early caregivers fail to accurately meet their physical and emotional needs. As a consequence, these individuals tend to grow up believing and expecting that others will not be attentive to and/or caring for their needs, which, in turn, can create significant suffering and challenges in adult relationships. Fortunately, however, the practice of mindfulness, or of being present and non-judgemental, can aid us to gain a better understanding of our history, to develop greater awareness of our emotional and behavioural patterns, and to provide us with the tools to change our present experiences, thus improving both our mental health and the health of our relationships.


4th October 2022 at 5:30pm AEST.


Online via Zoom, somewhere comfy!


Clinical psychology registrar, Martina Vignando.

“I have always had a strong interest in both attachment and mindfulness. I find that learning about our innate tendency to seek closeness to others helps explain a lot of why people suffer, and even more of what helps people get better, including the relationship with a therapist. Mindfulness, on the other hand, has always been a fascinating concept to me, sometimes hard to grasp and practice, but still so decisive for anyone seeking growth, healing and clarity. When I discovered that there was research combining these two captivating topics, I realised that this would be a fertile ground for me to enliven my interest, whilst opening up to more opportunities for refining and enhancing the tools I use to support my clients achieve the life they desire. “



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