Scope Clinical & Educational Services has moved! You can now find us on Oxford Street in Bulimba. Bulimba is an area known for its beautiful location along the Brisbane River, its greenery, and bustling restaurant scene. We feel so fortunate to be a part of this community!

Scope’s new space is located on Oxford Street which is the main street and centre of Bulimba. We are within walking distance of supermarkets, cinemas, restaurants and parks. We have on-site parking and there’s a bus stop and the ferry terminal, right out the front. To embrace the move, we have taken time to reflect on some of the wellbeing benefits that our new location can offer through the following activities:

Walking along the boardwalk at the Brisbane River

The boardwalk is located at the end of Oxford Street and is extremely close to Scope. Take a stroll before or after your appointment and enjoy the riverside views and fresh air. We can almost guarantee you’ll also spot some adorable dogs on the walk!

It is recommended that every individual gets at least 30 minutes of physical activity in every day. Walking provides many health benefits including cardiovascular fitness, reduction of body fat and strengthening of muscles and bones. It’s also an easy and enjoyable way to get your daily physical activity in! A study by Johansson and Hartig (2011) found that the environment you walk in can also impact your mental health. Walking in a natural environment with greenery/water can have a positive effect on your mental health and leaving you with a feeling of revitalisation. Win!

Participating in community and social events

There is no shortage of local events happening at Bulimba! There is something for everyone here, with cultural events (e.g. Chinese New Year celebrations), art, food and sporting events, and even pig racing! If you aren’t interested in attending an event, take some food to the park and have a picnic with your friends or family.

Participating in social and community events and socialising with others can improve mental health significantly by decreasing negative feelings such as depression. Participating in activities promoting mental wellbeing and mindfulness, such as meditation, can provide further benefits including stress relief and increased focus.

Enjoy our new larger space

Scope’s new space is much larger, with multiple rooms and wider, open spaces. We have designed the space to be a friendly and welcoming environment and believe it will benefit our practice and clients. One important change with our new space is the large presence of natural light throughout the rooms. Exposure to natural light is known to boost Vitamin D intake, which can have a range of physical health benefits and reduces depressive symptoms and sleep difficulties.

Come and see for yourself! You’re welcome to just walk in and check out the clinic and our wellbeing store or you can book in an appointment here.