Do you want to know how to get help with your mental health? Here is a comprehensive guide to beginning your healing journey with a psychologist. We’ll cover how you know when it’s time to get help and how to do so.


When to get help?

If you’re asking this question about your mental health, it’s probably prime time to search for a psychologist. Don’t worry if you’re feeling unsure about whether your problems are ‘serious enough to get help’. This is because that’s exactly what an initial assessment is for. Even when you don’t need to continue, at least you’ll have peace of mind. The alternative is much worse, so it’s always a great idea to get yourself booked in early, despite any doubts. Remember, it’s a psychologist’s responsibility to help you understand what’s going on, not yours! Therefore you don’t need to know what’s wrong or have goals to fix it. No matter the problem, it’s always okay to seek help!


How to get help?

The idea of sharing your emotions and feelings with someone new is one of the largest barriers for people considering starting with a psychologist. It’s important to understand that these feelings of anxiety and nervousness are completely normal, just like a trip to the doctor or the dentist, and you will become more comfortable at sharing over time – becoming a stronger person for it!

When seeking help, you need to find the right psychologist for you. Two of the most frequent pathways to finding the right psychologist in Australia is through the Australian Psychology Society (APS), or through a referral from your GP. We have a team of psychologists with different styles and experiences to best suit you. It’s important that you can find a psychologist who suits your needs and specialises in treating them. Call our reception at (07) 3162 8448 or contact us through our website if you are having difficulty selecting a practitioner. We’ll provide you with more information to help you make your decision.


What to do before your first psychology session?

Before you see a psychologist for the first time, it’s a great idea to see your GP and develop a Mental Health Care Plan. The plan will entitle you to Medicare rebates for psychology sessions, and qualify you for bulk billing if booking in with our bulk billed psychologist, Cleo Burke. The demand for psychology services during the pandemic has gone through the roof, so it’s vital that you book in a session as early as you can to avoid being put on the waiting lists. We currently have a few psychologists with newly opened books, ready for new clients with no waiting lists. But don’t worry, if you need to request to be put on a waiting list for a particular psychologist, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to get an earlier appointment when it becomes available.