With COVID-19 impacting many businesses and collectives worldwide, organised yoga has sadly been scarce this year. Nevertheless, there are still ways we can continue, or even begin, to practise this invaluable skill – with its many health benefits – in the comfort of our own homes.


Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practise that originated in India. Today there are many styles that have been developed around the world with differing focuses, generally all being somewhat based on the unification of body and consciousness through stretching and flexing postures, and the awareness of breath.

The 6th International Day of Yoga takes place today and aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many health and wellbeing benefits of practising yoga. This years theme is ‘Yoga for Health – Yoga at Home’, recognising how social distancing measures have challenged our regular routines and freedoms, and how important it is to continue to find ways to support our health during this time. Below we will look at some of the specific benefits of the practise, and some great online resources that you can access right from your mat at home.


Mental Benefits
  • Increased endorphins: decreased stress, perception of pain, anxiety and depression, and improved vitality and mood
  • Increased mindfulness: increased awareness, acceptance, compassion and emotional regulation
  • Improved cognitive ability: improved attention, problem solving and memory
  • Improved self-confidence and body image


Physical Benefits
  • Improved flexibility and balance: fewer injuries, less pain and more physical range
  • Improved muscle strength and mass: improved stamina, fewer injuries, improved bone and joint health, and healthy body weight
  • Improved cardiovascular health: decreased blood pressure, improved blood flow, quicker recovery time, lower cholesterol and healthy body weight
  • Improved respiratory health: improved organ, blood and cell health
  • Reduced chronic pain 
  • Improved sleep


Online Resources

Yoga with Adriene

This is a truly amazing free channel led by Texan yoga instructor Adriene. There are countless videos available, exploring many different facets of the practise and catering for all intensity levels

Simply Yoga

This app is also totally free, containing step-by-step instructions for beginners and a diverse selection of streamed yoga classes presented by certified instructors


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