We can all think back to moments where it’s been difficult to open up and talk about how we are feeling, or how a certain situation may have caused us to be upset or frustrated. When I was growing up, this was particularly challenging – especially when being probed with questions by mum or dad that I simply didn’t know how to answer. So, is there a better way to talk with your children when times are tough?

There’s a better way to talk with your children when times are tough

A Penny for Your Thoughts is an easy to use card game that helps spark conversation with your children (as a parent) or with students (if you’re a Guidance Counsellor) to assist with communicating their thoughts and feelings. It also helps young people to build skills to process their emotions. What sometimes feels like an impossible task – especially with a highly emotional or sensitive child, can become a fun, creative and easy way for them to reach out.

To play, simply lay out the coloured cards and roll the die. Each colour represents a different category – emotion, person, place and skill. Use the colour facing up on the die as a starting point for conversation. So, if the die lands on green, let your child pick out a card that represents their emotion – for example, nervous. Then, work through each category to gain an understanding of when or where this feeling arises. The ‘skill’ cards allow the young person to choose what they feel is the best way to deal with that emotion.

The cards are beautifully illustrated with colourful and relatable pictures to help the young person easily identify the card that best matches their thoughts and feelings. It’s a new game that every family should be playing.

Parents and professionals – if you’d like a helpful and creative way to navigate tricky conversations, I urge you to check out A Penny for Your Thoughts in our online store.

If you find that talking with your children is not helping them to feel better, consider booking an appointment with one of our psychologists. We provide face-to-face consultations, online or phone consultations and mobile services, so we can come to you.