Happy (belated) New Year to our Scope community! We’re still freshly settling into the new year and excited for all the changes and opportunities that lie ahead. In celebration of the new year and the new decade, we wanted to share all things NEW that we’re excited about here at Scope in 2020!

Community Workshops

This year, we will be hosting more workshops than ever before. Scope will be home to more frequent workshops on a variety of topics in 2020. Following on from the success of our workshops on “digital hygiene” and “rhythm and resilience” in late 2019, we are looking forward to offering additional sessions beginning in February. We are excited to also offer new topics, such as an idea exchange on feeding busy families in March. This workshop will provide a fantastic interactive session on short-cuts and hacks to reinvigorate lunchboxes and meal prep approaches.

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Increased availability to our wonderful team of psychologists

We are excited to welcome our lovely director, Kathryn Bekavac, to the Scope space on a full-time basis. Kathy is transitioning to her new schedule in the first quarter of 2020, and we are glad to have her in the clinic more to accommodate the increased demand for Scope’s services.

Kathy continues to offer her wealth of knowledge and broad repertoire of skills which she has acquired over her career and we are lucky enough to now offer her services to assist you in working through any concerns that you may have in your life at this time. For more details please find her bio here.

To book an initial appointment with Kathy Bekavac, Cleo Burke or Danielle Copplin, please email info@scaes.com.au or call (07) 3162 8448.

Booking recurring appointments with Kathy or any of our psychologists is now easier and more conveniently available online.

Expanded Wellbeing Store

New exciting products have recently arrived and are available for purchase in our Wellbeing Store. Treat yourself to one of the following items, perfect for calming the mind and easing stress.

You can purchase online, or simply pick them up on your next visit in-person.

Our Petit Papillon Bath Salts come in two varieties: The Australian Bush Bath Salts contains black lava salt to promote relaxation and relief of sore muscles, as well as eucalyptus which is great for clearing the head if you’re feeling a little under the weather. Les Montagnes features Himalayan pink salt which may relieve symptoms of eczema, calendula which is also great for dry skin and lavender which is well known for its calming abilities.

To start your New Year calm and collected, our Somnus & Seb Lavender Stress Balls are a great choice for you. Made out of wool and scented with essential oil, these stress balls are a great way to relieve some internal pressure. The action of squeezing and releasing the ball can allow tension to escape while the subtle lavender scent soothes the body and mind.

The most unique addition to our Wellbeing Store are the Finger Labyrinths. Made by The Labyrinth Collective, these are a great form of alternative meditation. Using your index finger on your non-dominant hand to slowly trace the engraved pathway until you reach the end focuses you on the feeling of the labyrinth beneath your fingertip and helps clear your mind from other thought. A great tool to help you relax while also promoting concentration. Be sure to give this one a try.

Click here for the full range on offer in the Wellbeing Store.

Tailored Tuition Services Expanded

2020 will also see an expanded offering of our Tailored Tuition services. As you know, personalised tuition with frequent administration offers great opportunities to help developing brains to refresh pathways to assist with learning challenges. Our tailored tuition services provide support to your child that builds on individual assessment results to ensure the greatest benefit from tuition.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have and explore tailored tuition options specific to your needs: please email info@scaes.com.au, or call us at (07) 3162 8448.