Dyslexia Test / Dyslexia Assessment


Have you considered taking a dyslexia test? We offer diagnostic dyslexia assessment and utilise your strengths to improve literacy and numeracy.

Many people are aware of the characteristic traits and behaviours displayed by someone with dyslexia, however, not all know that dyslexia symptoms can vary day to day. If you believe that you, or someone close to you could be having difficulties with dyslexia, you may need assistance from a psychologist. By identifying learning differences, a psychologist can implement strategies to assist a person achieve academically, whether it be in a classroom, work or tertiary studies. We offer diagnostic assessment in dyslexia and dyscalculia. 

What is Dyslexia

Individuals with dyslexia have difficulties reading and spelling, despite being more than capable of learning – just in a different way. Despite there being no cure for dyslexia, there are many solutions that can help an individual to overcome their literacy difficulties. Dyslexia is highly hereditary, caused by a difference in the way the brain works and problems in the development of phonological awareness.


Dyslexia Symptoms

  • Difficulty learning the letter sounds for reading and spelling
  • Difficulty in reading single words
  • Low accuracy and fluency when reading
  • Reading slowly with mistakes
  • Poor spelling
  • Poor visual gestalt
Dyslexia Test and Assessment

Why Choose Scope as your Dyslexia Psychologist?

Scope Psychology Services Australia offers educational assessments for kids, teens and adults with dyslexia symptoms. Our assessments offer a conclusive diagnosis of dyslexia, including a report of recommendations for learning that highlights strengths and how to utilise them.


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