What is Giftedness Assessment?

‘Gifted’ is a general term that refers to an ‘overall’ aptitude intellectual, creative, social or physical domains. Psychologists measure intellectual giftedness using a Giftedness Assessment. Intellectual giftedness is determined by an IQ score that is calculated through administration of specific assessment tools.

‘Talented’ is a more specific term that refers to the outstanding mastery of a certain skill. Talent can be measured by experts in the specific area where your mastery lies. Psychologists can identify academic talents through administration of specific assessment tools.

Why is it important to determine whether you are gifted or talented?

Giftedness assessment is a process that measures your outstanding natural abilities, called aptitudes.

This helps to determine whether you are setting goals that align with your aptitudes, and assists you to access opportunities to further develop and apply your outstanding skills.

It’s also important to recognise that being gifted or talented is uncommon and can sometimes be isolating, leading to difficulties with feeling different. This can result in behavioural or mental health difficulties. Support from a psychologist can help you to identify and manage your differences and improve your wellbeing.

Finally, just like the rest of the population, some gifted and talented people have learning disorders. This could include autism, and/or attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder. This combination is called ‘twice exceptional’ and sometimes the people supporting you to learn or work will not understand how to help. Assessment with a psychologist can help identify your differences and teach you and those around you how to manage them and adjust the environment to support your achievement, as well as improve your wellbeing. 

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How do you determine whether someone is gifted or talented?

It depends on the setting where you are hoping to access opportunities to further develop and apply your outstanding skills.


For children attending school in Queensland, gifted and talented students are those who demonstrate intellectual, creative, social and/or physical skills that fall among the top 10% of peers the same age (i.e., they are capable of performing better than 90% of peers the same age).


People are considered intellectually gifted when their IQ score is among the top 2% of peers the same age. These people are formally recognised by the MENSA International and welcomed into their society through certification by a registered psychologist. MENSA International is a society for members to access social, cultural, and intellectual interaction.

Similar classification systems are used in the measurement of physical, social, and creative aptitude. However, these are typically not areas where a psychologist can complete gifted and talented assessment.

Who can help at Scope?

Our psychologist, Joanne Hutchinson, is our giftedness expert. She has been completing aptitude tests as an organisational psychologist for the last decade! She is highly skilled at assessing and supporting intellectually gifted and academically talented people.

Contact our client support team to book your giftedness assessment with Joanne, or book online.