Telehealth has quickly become a staple of modern life. If the pandemic has given us anything, it’s immense research on the success of telehealth. Without reservation, let’s go over what the research says, and how you can best prepare yourself for a telehealth session.

Telehealth and telepsychology are consults between you and your clinician using a video and audio connection. It’s a stand-in for in-person consults that provides greater access to medical care services. Moreover, Telepsychology is a form of telehealth that provides mental health care services.

History of Telehealth

Although the outbreak has increased the use of telepsychology, research into its success began around 1960. This was for the purpose of treating rural and remote people. Subsequently, It continued to grow, allowing for more access to services. This helped people with mobility impairment. As well as those with language barriers, post-traumatic stress or lack of transport etc. Furthermore, Dr Dhara Meghani says that telehealth is a great option for first time patients. This is because they may feel stressed about being seen.


Reviews from 2012-19 found that telepsychology is effective for depression, anxiety and adjustment disorder. As well as for substance use, eating disorders and other problems in young people. Another 2019 research paper also supported this view, finding that in the right context, telehealth will not compromise care. This is true when compared with in-person sessions, with technology showing clear, constant evidence of a beneficial effect. Lastly, a 2021 study found that sessions for anxiety were just as successful via telehealth.

 Our Clinic

At Scope Psychology Services Australia, we are serious about the access to our services. This is why we have modernised our delivery to be at its most effective. Telepsychology puts people first, giving you more choice and control. For this reason, we believe it’s vital to harness the power of technology. So that we continue to foster innovation to support high-quality care for all, regardless of situation. Above all, our psychologists are here for you wherever you are! Whether you’re in the city or in rural and remote regions, you can access our services from the comfort of your own home, school or office.

Before your Telehealth session, we advise that you:

  • Turn of notifications on your device or be able to ignore them
  • Make sure your sound and video is clear
  • Have your charger plugged it if your battery is running low
  • Ensure you have headphones if need be
  • Have a comfortable chair
  • Make sure your space is secure by asking family or roommates for your need for privacy and quiet during the session.

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