NDIS Assessment

If your NDIS plan includes funding you can access NDIS assessment and support at Scope Psychology Services Australia. Our team provides NDIS assessment services for clients who need an updated diagnosis, to be reassessed or who think they may have another diagnosis. We will complete assessment, and provide therapy to increase skills, independence and community participation.

NDIS Assessment Services



Assessment lets us work out how you’re currently functioning. It also allows us to evaluate whether we have improved your daily living since we have been supporting you and whether you’re closer to achieving your NDIS plan goals. Assessment can include questionnaires and interviews with you and other people who know you well (with your permission). It might also include specific tests that help us to better understand a diagnosis or make a diagnosis. Assessment is essential for planning and tailoring the training and therapy that you receive from our practitioners.


Training is a service that is unique to NDIS participants. It’s a practical, step-by-step process designed to teach you new skills and increase your independence. Usually, the skills are directly related to your NDIS plan goals. Our practitioners can train you and other people in your support network (with your permission) in an individual or group setting.


Therapy focuses on how you think, feel and behave. As psychologists, we understand how the brain impacts our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Sometimes our brain can stop us from doing things we’d like to do, and sometimes it can make us do things we don’t want to do. Therapy is where we use evidence-based treatment to train your brain so that you can behave in more helpful and healthy ways, and feel more in control.

Fee Structure for NDIS Assessment

Our fees for NDIS participants are set at the rate recommended by the National Disability Insurance Agency. They are higher than our rates for psychological treatment because therapy for NDIS participants is more comprehensive and includes support beyond mental health disorders and psychological concerns. Fees are applicable for all support provided, including therapy hours, travel time and report writing.

NDIS Assessment Service Agreements

Whether you’re self-managed, plan-managed or agency-managed, we will need you to sign our service agreement. This is to ensure that we’re all on the same page. Our service agreements are developed by our NDIS Services Team. Our service agreements outline important information, such as your rights and our responsibilities. This helps to ensure that you’re receiving a quality, value for money service. They also include necessary contact details and a schedule of your support.

Working with the National Disability Insurance Agency

Our practitioners tailor all of the assessment, training and therapy that you receive to your NDIS plan. Our practitioners will also complete a plan review summary for your NDIA planner to assist with reviewing your NDIS plan. The report will include:

  • Your current presentation and level of functioning
  • A summary of the supports provided
  • Progress towards your NDIS plan goals
  • An overview of supports that have been helpful for achieving your goals.
  • An overview of barriers that have impacted your ability to achieve your goals
  • Evaluation of the risks of ceasing support
  • Recommendations for your new plan

Contact our NDIS Team

Our NDIS team is available from Tuesday through to Friday every week. If you would like to access our NDIS services, please phone (07) 3162 8448 and select menu option 2.

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