Neurodiversity Screening

Are you curious about neurocognitive assessment, but aren’t ready or don’t know whether to commit to a full assessment? Our Neurodiversity Screening service could be the perfect alternative for you.

Neurodiversity Screening is a service we’ve developed to help people understand whether they have clinically significant symptoms to pursue psychological assessment, whether that be for ADHD, Autism or both. This service is provided 100% online through a series of questionnaires, and at a much more affordable price point compared to neurocognitive assessment. After you’ve answered our questions, one of our psychologists will write to you providing their direct insights and recommendations on how to move forward.

If you are displaying any of the following symptoms for ADHD or Autism, but are still unsure whether your symptoms are significant enough, this service can help you to get a professional opinion from one of our psychologists.

ADHD symptoms that warrant Neurodiversity Screening:

  • Not able to focus attention or concentrate

  • Overactive

  • Impulsive

  • Irritable

  • Moody

  • Oppositional

  • Disruptive at home and school

  • And more…

Neurodiversity Screening = Brisbane Psychologist
Neurodiversity Screening = Brisbane Psychologist

Autism symptoms that warrant neurodiversity screening:

  • Excessive routines, patterns or behaviours and distressed by change

  • Repetitive speech or movements

  • Strong sensory reactions to sound, pain or textures

  • Poor non-verbal communication i.e. not pointing, nodding, smiling or using hand gestures

  • Difficulty developing and maintaining close friends

  • Delayed expressed speech or loss of language skills

  • Lack of eye contact

  • Fixated interests with certain things and topics

  • Aggressive toward other people or self

  • And more…

What will you get from Neurodiversity Screening?

After answering a series of questions online, you’ll be provided with a letter from one of our psychologists indicating if there are (or are not) significant symptoms of ADHD and/or Autism. Then, based on the findings, our psychologist will provide you with guidance on what your best next steps are.

How much does Neurodiversity Screening cost?

Neurodiversity Screening will only cost you a one time payment of $50. It’s a small investment to make so that you’re not paying hundreds of dollars for a psychological assessment that you’re unsure if you really need.

What comes after?

If you have clinically significant symptoms for ADHD or Autism, we’ll recommend that you progress to a full neurocognitive assessment. After the assessment, a registered psychologist will produce a comprehensive diagnostic report including diagnosis, recommendations for support and adjustments in educational and/or vocational settings, as well as individualised strategies for you to manage your symptoms. 

Contact us and book today

If you are showing signs/symptoms of ADHD or Autism and you require a professional opinion on whether to pursue psychological assessment, contact our reception about Neurodiversity Screening today.