Our Assessment Services

Here’s a quick rundown of our assessment services and a short description on each to help you find what you need. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly client support team!

Neurocognitive Assessment

Autism Assessment

Autism assessment plays an important role in diagnosing and assisting children and adults with autism. An assessment will provide you with a comprehensive report (including evidence-based recommendations), a feedback session that deconstructs the assessment report in an easy to understand way, and ongoing guidance and support with your next steps.

Online Therapy

ADHD Assessment

Deciding if an individual has ADHD is a process with several steps, and there is no single ADHD assessment or test to diagnose it. Many other problems, like sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and certain types of learning disabilities, can have similar symptoms, so it’s important for ADHD to be diagnoses professionally by an experienced psychologist.

Specific Learning Disorder

Specific learning disorders are neurodevelopmental disorders that are characterised by difficulties with reading, writing or numeracy.

Dyslexia Assessment

Individuals with dyslexia may have difficulties reading and spelling.

Dyscalculia Assessment

Individuals with dyscalculia may have difficulties with math, numbers and numeracy.

Dysgraphia Assessment

Individuals with dysgraphia may have difficulties with writing.

Intellectual Disability Assessment at Scope

Intellectual Disability Assessment

Intellectual Disability assessment (formally called intellectual developmental disorder) plays a fundamental process for individuals with an intellectual impairment in helping to identify strengths, areas of need and accessing NDIS support. An assessment provides a detailed report with evidence-based recommendations, which can be used to become an NDIS participant and access support. After assessment you can also access ongoing guidance from a psychologist in the form of therapy.

Gifted and Talented Assessment

‘Gifted’ is a general term that refers to an ‘overall’ aptitude, or outstanding natural ability for intellectual, creative, social or physical domains. Psychologists measure intellectual giftedness via an IQ score that is calculated through administration of specific assessment tools. ‘Talented’ is a more specific term that refers to the outstanding mastery of a certain skill. Talent can be measured by experts in the specific area where your mastery lies. Psychologists can identify academic talents through administration of specific assessment tools.

Neurodiversity Screening

Neurodiversity Screening is a service we’ve developed to help people understand whether they have clinically significant symptoms to pursue psychological assessment, for ADHD, autism or both. This service is provided 100% online through a series of questionnaires, and at a much more affordable price point compared to neurocognitive assessment.

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