Psychologist for Chronic Illness and Pain in Brisbane

If you’re looking for a psychologist that supports chronic illness and pain in Brisbane, we can help. Our psychologist, Cleo Burke, teaches people with chronic illness and pain to feel capable and in control.

Chronic Illness, Pain and Mental Health

About half of all Australians have a chronic disease. The impact of chronic disease on wellbeing is significant.

  • Chronic disease accounts for an estimated 90% of all deaths in Australia.
  • 1 in 5 Australians (aged 16-85) and 1 in 7 children (aged 4-17 years) with a chronic illness also suffer from a mental illness.

By seeking support with Scope, you’ll harness the expertise of our psychologists for adapting your lifestyle, coping with your treatment regime, managing your pain and fatigue, and simplifying your problem solving, decision-making and action planning.

Our services can be bulk billed

If you have a Mental Health Treatment Plan, you can access bulk billed psychology services in Bulimba through face-to-face services or video conference if you live in remote or rural Australia.

Your session includes 50-minutes with a psychologist who has expert training in chronic illness and pain. You can explore your concerns and challenges, and access evidence-based strategies to adapt your lifestyle, learn to cope with your treatment regime, manage your pain and fatigue, and simplify your problem solving, decision-making and action planning.

How to Access Bulk Billed Psychology Services

You will need to start by speaking with your GP about your mental health. They will then be able to create a mental health treatment plan for you. Your mental health treatment plan will have goals agreed by you and your doctor. It’ll also have:

  • treatment options
  • support services available

If you choose to include Scope Clinical and Educational Services in your treatment plan, you will have access to up to 10 sessions each calendar year with our psychologist, Cleo Burke.

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