Tailored Tuition

Worried about your child’s learning?

The partnership between our qualified teachers and educational psychologists is the perfect solution.

Built on science. Tailored for achievement.

About Tailored Tuition

Scope Psychological Services Australia provides a tailored tutoring service; one that is scientifically backed to assist students to be independent learners and supports students with specific learning difficulties. Our teachers work in consultation with our educational and developmental psychologists to design and implement learning programs to allow students to meet their academic potential. Our tailored tuition services are unique to traditional tutoring services because we provide an experience that is both tailored to the child and of the highest evidence-based quality.


Additional Details

  • Length of sessions – Each session runs for 45 minutes to ensure that optimal focus is sustained for the entire session.
  • Fees – The fee for each session is $70.00.
  • Getting to know our tutors – You are welcome to schedule a meet and greet session with our tutors so you can be sure that we’re a good fit. The fee for meet and greet sessions is $50.00.


Meet Our Teaching Team

Nicole Frank

Secondary Mathematics and Science

Nicole is a secondary mathematics and science teacher. She is very passionate about STEM education and majored in Mathematics, Biology and Geography at university. She commenced her career working with students in a small private school in Switzerland and migrated to Australia in 1997.

Nicole tutored her two sons through their high school years at the Queensland Academy for Science, Math and Technology. This experience further consolidated her high-level math and science knowledge for students progressing through senior schooling.

Nicole is fluent in German, English, French and Latin. She is also an avid cyclist and an active member of our local community, regularly volunteering for QLD Mountainbike.

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