Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (commonly abbreviated to ACT) focuses on increasing psychological flexibility, or the ability to enter the present moment more fully. Values based assessments help to identify what provides fulfilment and satisfaction for you. If you desire to live and act in lines with your values then this is the therapy for you. The experiential techniques that you will learn facilitate acceptance, mindfulness and defusion in relation to unhelpful thoughts and feelings and improve your resilience and wellbeing. 

No matter which therapy approach is selected, psychologists at Scope work from a person-centred approach offering warmth and genuine care to each client they see. They focus on learning about each person they meet before working collaboratively with you to create an individually tailored plan.

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What is acceptance and commitment therapy?

ACT focuses on the connection between our thoughts, emotions and behaviours, but instead of challenging negative thoughts, it emphasises mindfulness and being present in the moment, rather than trying to change or control thoughts.

The goal of ACT is to help you align your actions with your personal values, regardless of the thoughts and emotions that you may be experiencing. The therapy aims to encourage psychological flexibility by teaching skills to accept and let go of unhelpful thoughts, and commit to actions that will lead to a more meaningful life. A key aspect is identifying your personal values and setting goals, with your therapist assisting in developing mindfulness skills.

Through ACT you’ll learn to create a space for uncomfortable feelings, while still moving towards what matters. The number of appointments is highly dependent on the mental health concern but might involve 6 to 16 one hour sessions. The duration of ACT depends on your needs, and home tasks help to transition mindfulness practices and integrate ACT principles into your daily life.


Who will ACT benefit?

ACT is commonly used to improve:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Substance abuse
  • Stress

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Can I do acceptance and commitment therapy online?

Yes! Online ACT has all the benefits of face-to-face therapy, but can be accessed by anyone, anywhere and at any time. Whether you’re in the city or in rural and remote regions of Australia, you can access our services from the comfort of your own home, school or office.


How much does ACT cost?

(+$50.00 new client fee)

Medicare Rebate:

  • Registered Psychologist – $190.00-$220.00 per hour

Private Health Insurance (dependant on health insurer):

  • Provisional Psychologist – $140.00 per hour
  • Registered Psychologist – $190.00-$220.00 per hour 

NDIS Claims:

  • Provisional Psychologist – $156.16 per hour
  • Registered Psychologist – $214.41 per hour


Does ACT sound like it’s for you?

Book an induction session for ACT with one of our psychologists by contacting our friendly customer support team by either phone or email.

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